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Sabrina must solve the mystery

Murder on the Halloween Express is the fourth episode of the sixth season and the 123rd overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina takes a holiday idea from Salem and brings her friends on the spooky Mystery Train for a Halloween adventure. There's just one problem: it's an Other Realm train. Sabrina soon learns that they can leave only if she solves the puzzling murder when she and all of her friends become characters straight out of a 1920's murder mystery.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

Will turns everyone into their character on the train.

Zelda Spellman and Hilda Spellman use the crystal ball to see Sabrina Spellman.


  • This is the series' sixth and last Halloween episode.
  • Will, the Mystery Train conductor, will later play an important role in the season finale, "I Fall to Pieces". His reapparance will basically shape the remainder of the series.
  • We meet Salem's grandfather in this episode. He's apparently a hobo on the Mystery Train. He is the third and final member of Salem's family that we meet.
  • This is the final Halloween themed episode of the series. 


  • When Hilda and Zelda magically change outfits, Zelda's magic effect (violet sparkles) is seen shooting out of both Zelda and Hilda's fingers. 
  • Harvey has his memory erased at the end of the episode, despite the fact that he had reached his "spell quota" in The End of an Era. He is, however, the only one to be fully aware that his memory has been wiped.
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