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Mrs. Quick
Vital statistics
Species Mortal
Physical description
Gender Female
Further info
First appearance Sabrina Gets Her License (Part 1)
Last appearance The Wild, Wild Witch
Portrayed by: Mary Gross
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Mrs. Quick is Sabrina's slightly daffy Algebra teacher during Seasons 2,- 4, replacing Mr. Pool as the teacher Sabrina's closest to, becoming involved in the messes Sabrina causes with her magic. Mrs. Quick is very kind hearted and self-conscious and is involved in running many extra-curricular activities, most notably, the school newspaper.

Notable Incidents

When Sabrina catches Finger Flu in "Finger Lickin' Flu," Mrs. Quick, who is trying to learn to assert herself with Sabrina's help, catches Sabrina's magic and accidentally turns Mr. Kraft into a chimp. Thinking fast, Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda take them to an Other Realm doctor to get fixed and have their memories erased later on.

In the episode "Rumor Mill," when Sabrina starts spreading rumors in the Other Realm that become reality in the mortal realm, Mrs. Quick has a passionate affair with Mr. Kraft.

Mrs. Quick is ecstatic in "Sabrina, the Teenage Writer" after Sabrina writes a spy story that comes true, using all of the people in her life as the basis for her characters. Mrs. Quick believes that she's found her long lost twin in her story counterpart, a hard-nosed scientist.

Mrs. Quick reveals a talent for quiz shows and puzzles in "The Long and Winding Shortcut," so Sabrina tries to get Mrs. Quick to work out the family secret for her. This culminates in Sabrina and Mrs. Quick being transported to the prairie, where there are no shortcuts and everything must be done the hard way. Mrs. Quick believes that it is all a dream.

In "Spoiled Rotten," Mrs. Quick dons a magical competetive medal that causes her to maniacally compete with Hilda Spellman in a race to see who can raise the most money for the Hondurans. After the medal is removed, it is revealed that Mrs. Quick is really just that naturally competitive.

After the fourth season she was not seen or mentioned again but it is assumed that she continued teaching at Westbridge High.


  • Mrs Quick is a germophobe.
  • Not officially a regular character, Mrs. Quick is the recurring character to appear the most in Sabrina.
  • Mrs. Quick never appeared to be married, in fact it was regularly implied that she lived alone, but she was always referred to as missis instead of miss. (She could've possibly been divorced or widowed.)
  • We never learn Mrs. Quick's first name.
  • Mrs. Quick is addicted to game shows and likes to spend her time after school watch Little House on the Prairie re-runs, which she has all of on DVD.
  • Mrs. Quick is deathly allergic to bee stings, apricots, plus all vegetables, with an emphasis on peas.
  • Mrs. Quick suffers from tinnitus and keeps an entire case of medicine and cures in her desk, including a leprosy vaccine.
  • When Mrs. Quick caught Sabrina's magic when the teen had finger flu, every time she unknowingly used magic, her entire hand would glow.
  • Mrs. Quick is originally from Terre Haute, Indiana, which is apparently the stewed fruit capital of the United States.