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Sabrina with her mortal classmates.

Mortals are beings without magic that inhabit The Mortal Realm, also known as Earth. Only a very select number of mortals know about magic as it is discouraged by The Witches Council to tell a mortal the secret, with the exception of telling them on Friday the 13th, when a mortal can be told the secret and will forget by the end of the day.

Mortals Who Know or Were Told About Magic

Note: This list does not include those who Sabrina told about magic knowing that they would forget later, therefore excludes examples such as telling Harvey and Valerie on Friday the 13th. This list also doesn't include mortals who used to be witches, but were stripped of their powers for one reason or another (Such as Marigold Wiccan, Alberto Guadagno etc).

  • Diana Becker: Diana Becker married witch Edward Spellman and gave birth to Sabrina Spellman. It was ruled by the witches council that if Diana saw her daughter after she found out that she was witch, she would be turned into a ball of wax. However by volunteering Zelda Spellman to be turned into a candle, Hilda Spellman was able to persuade the council to let Diana attend her daughter's wedding.
San Granny

Sabrina tells Granny.

  • Granny: Sabrina told her late Grandmother from her mortal side that she was a witch when she got the chance to resurrect one deceased person using a Reanimation in "A Halloween Story." Granny simply smiled at Sabrina awkwardly and said "Well dear, so long as you're happy."
  • Paul and Travis: In the movie Sabrina Goes to Rome Paul and Travis figure out Sabrina is a witch. This almost made Sabrina be stripped of her magic until Paul regretted the decision of spilling her secret to the press.
  • Emil: In the Episode Sabrina, the Matchmaker, Marigold Wiccan tells her mortal date Emil she is a witch because he was having suspicions about what was happening such as; Amanda Wiccan setting his chair on fire, Marigold conjuring a watering pot, and Marigold spying on Emil's sons with her wine glass. This makes Emil tell his brother what happened, because of this, Marigold, Amanda, and Ally, getting their magic taken away. However, Amanda regains her magic the next year sometime before She's Baaack!
  • Britney Spears: In No Place Like Home, Edward zaps in Britney Spears and Sabrina sends her home, which reveals that she knows about magic unless her memory was erased
  • Harvey Kinkle: Struggling to choose between Harvey and Josh, Sabrina casts a spell to make them both take the Boyfriend Course. Harvey's memory was supposed to be wiped afterwards, however it was revealed to Sabrina by the Witches Council that Harvey had reached his spell quota, so the memory erasing spell had no effect, and all of the memories of magic being used on him for 3 years came back to him. Harvey asks to talk about Sabrina's witchcraft and the two end their relationship. Harvey returns to Sabrina's life later on and becomes more used to her magic, realizing that he is still in love with her. Harvey finds out the secret in "The End of an Era."
Sab Rox sexret

Sabrina tells Roxie.

  • Roxie King: Desperately trying to keep her secret hidden, Sabrina casts a trust spell to make Roxie have blind faith in Sabrina so that she no longer raises questions or suspicions. The spell gets out of control and endangers Roxie's life and Sabrina is told that the only way to solve the problem is to be completely honest with her. Sabrina tells Roxie that she is a witch and the spell instantly breaks. Roxie thinks Sabrina is joking and refuses to believe her, so Sabrina swiftly takes it back and promises to always try to be as honest as she can, despite there being certain things that she can't share. Even though Roxie didn't believe her, she is the only mortal that Sabrina has willingly told her secret to that isn't a family member or due to have their memory erased.[1]


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