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Miles Goodman
Vital statistics
Species Mortal
Physical description
Gender Male
Further info
First appearance Every Witch Way but Loose
Last appearance I Fall to Pieces
Portrayed by: Trevor Lissauer
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Miles Goodman is one of Sabrina Spellman's roommates and friend during Seasons Five and Six. Miles is a huge conspiracy theorist and heavily believes in the paranormal and the extraterrestrial. He, however, refuses to believe in witches despite having one sleeping right next door to his room.


  • After the season six finale, "I Fall to Pieces," Sabrina, Morgan, and Roxie move into Sabrina's aunts now vacated house in Westbridge, and Miles is not seen or mentioned again. It is unknown if he attends Sabrina's wedding in "Soul Mates."
  • The character Miles didn't reappear in the following season due to his low ratings with fans. Many found Miles' character too lacking and annoying in comparison to Sabrina's female roommates. This, added to the show's reduced budget for its Season Seven, was the reason for his absence.
  • At some point in the future, it is believed that Miles would have reunited with Roxie King, as Sabrina saw that they would be married in a vision of the future. Although, this is debatable since that particular episode centered around Sabrina changing Miles' path in order to save him from a job he hates, so it is unknown if she could have changed other aspects of his future in the process. On more than one occasion, Roxie and Miles have had chemistry, though some of this was magically influenced.
  • He is allergic to tempura and doesn't eat red meat, bacon, or eggs.
  • He used to have a fear of driving, due to a big wheel accident, when he was a child. He eventually overcame this fear with Sabrina's help.
  • Miles is a nerdy but lovable guy.
  • In season 7 no explanation about what happened to him. Probably Sabrina, Morgan, Roxie and him all graduated college off screen and went their separate ways.