"If anyone needs me, I'll be snorkeling at Club Med Atlantis."

Mercury is the messenger-god of the Olympian gods, and the son of Zeus. Like many of the gods, he was known for often dallying with mortals, even dating Hilda Spellman at some point in the past. He helps Sabrina by lending her his only winged skates for Harvey's ice hockey game. However, Harvey's coach has the shoes bronzed following his stellar performance. As punishment for destroying the property of a god, Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods has Sabrina cover Mercury's duties for a month. However, Hilda soon reveals that Mercury has way more than one pair of legendary ice skates, revealing a closet stocked full of Mercury's shoes.

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Mercury's closet


  • Known as Hermes to the Greeks, Mercury was the son of Zeus and Maia. His children included the goat-god Pan and Autolycus, the king of thieves.