Maw-Maw is a witch and the mother of Boyd and mother in law of Racine. Maw-Maw is summoned to the Spellman house by Sabrina, along with her son Boyd and daughter in law Racine, after magically locking them in their own house in order to try and blackmail them into handing over the magic book. Maw-Maw is incredibly bigoted against mortals, referring to Sabrina as a "mutt".


  • It is possible that Maw-Maw's magic appears as white sparkles, however it was never shown for certain whether that particular magic had come from Maw-Maw or Boyd.
  • Maw-Maw is the first character in the series to display bigotry against mortals. This way of thinking would be revisited in Some of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortals. Although Maw-Maw could be considered more overtly prejudiced than later examples.
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