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Mary Jo Ponder
Vital statistics
Name Mary Jo Ponder
Species Mortal
Physical description
Gender Female
Further info
First appearance Driving Mr. Goodman
Portrayed by: Joanie "Chyna" Laurer
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I'll show ya who's a girly girl.
Mary Jo Ponder to Olga Spellmanovich in Driving Mr. Goodman.

Mary Jo Ponder is the antagonist of the episode Driving Mr. Goodman.


She is a well built, tall, muscular woman.


In the episode, Mary Jo tries to frame Sabrina for millions of dollars after they were both involved in a car accident.

Sabrina finds her at Silverman’s Gym, in a neck brace and crutches, pretending to be injured from the accident. After finding out from Ivan that Mary Jo holds every weight lifting record, she hatches a plan: she would try to outlift Mary Jo's records, which would force her to fight back, making her fake injuries obvious. Sabrina then pumps herself up and starts lifting weights. Mary Jo's facade begins to slip, with her breaking point being called a "girly girl" by Olga (Sabrina's disguise). She rips off her injuries, and outlifts Sabrina, who reveals herself as well.

After this, she was arrested for fraud and thus all charges were dropped.


Despite being mortal, she is still very strong and able to lift at least five hundred pounds of weight with both hands.