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Vital statistics
Name Marigold
Species *Witch
  • Mortal (previously, but regained her magic)
Physical description
Gender Female
Relatives *Amanda Wiccan (daughter)
  • Ally Wiccan (daughter)
  • Harold Wiccan (ex-husband)
  • Emil (ex-husband)
Further info
First appearance A Halloween Story
Last appearance Sabrina, the Matchmaker
Portrayed by: *Robin Riker (Season 1)
  • Hallie Todd (Season 3)
Images | Quotes
Oh Sabrina I’m so nervous. I’ve never been on a date with a mortal. Genies, Martians, enchanted tree’s, but never a mortal.

Marigold Wiccan is a witch and the mother of Amanda Wiccan and Ally Wiccan, and the cousin of Sabrina Spellman. She owns a witch familiar who goes by M'Lady.


Marigold as she appears in season one

Marigold hosts the Spellman family Halloween dinner in "A Halloween Story" in which Salem learns from her cat, M'Lady, that Marigold is divorcing her husband Harold. After bragging about how glamorous her life is and passive-aggressively critiquing Hilda and Zelda's, Hilda and Zelda are more than happy to hear that her life is far from perfect.

She later returns in "Sabrina, the Matchmaker" when Sabrina is given the task of bringing a couple together by Cupid. She finds that Marigold is smitten with her mortal plumber Emil and does everything in her power to get the two together. A romantic dinner with Emil is ruined by her two daughters (who despise the idea of having a mortal laborer in their family) and Marigold eventually reveals to Emil that she is a witch. Emil runs away but later returns to Marigold. Because she revealed she is a witch to a mortal and Emil accidentally spilled the beans to his brother, Marigold loses her magic, but she tells Sabrina that she has never been happy in all the years that she was a witch and moves to the Mortal Realm to live with Emil and his three rambunctious sons. She also gives Sabrina another clue to the family secret; a heart shaped card with rough edges.

Marigold is never seen again, however it is revealed that she remarried when she sends Amanda to live with Hilda and Zelda in "Witchright Hall". By her remarriage after divorcing Emil, she - and her children - got magic back and moved back to the Other Realm.

Powers and Abilities

Marigold using magic

Marigold possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a witch. One of her most notable spells allowed her to view a distant event via hydromancy.[1]

Her Magic Manifests in season 3 as red glow where sparkles emminate off it and when unlike her daughters who use their fingers to zap she waves her hand .


Marigold has the typical weaknesses of a witch.


Over the course of the show's seven seasons, Marigold Wiccan appeared in two episodes:

Season One
A Halloween Story
Season Three
Sabrina, the Matchmaker