Magic Joel is the 8th episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina takes a job as the assistant of a classmate who is trying to build a career as a magician. At first his tricks seem tolerably good and he's booked to perform in the high school cafeteria. Unfortunately, the pressure gets to him and the public performance is a disaster, and in the end Sabrina uses her magic to make him invisible so that at least the final trick of their set works. He runs off while still invisible and starts causing all kinds of trouble, leading Sabrina to have to try and hunt him down with some baby powder. The problem is that he really doesn't want to be caught and has taken a liking to Sabrina.

Meanwhile, Zelda entertains an old colleague who has been too shy to admit his attraction to her.



Guest starring

  • Andrew Keegan as Magic Joel

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina sets off mini explosion at the sink.
  • Sabrina enlarges apple.
  • Hilda turns small rose into a big bouquet that looks much better.
  • Sabrina turns Joel invisible.
  • Hilda teleports a visibility powder from home to shelf by pay-phones at Sabrina's school.
  • Zelda makes Ethan's feet slide from under him with "slippery floor" spell, leaving him in a heap.


  • ​Visibility Powder:Sabrina uses it to make Joel visible again.


  • Joel: Behold, the linking rings are unlinked. (The rings don't unlink) Unlinked. (The rings still don't unlink) Still linked.
  • Sabrina: Isn't he amazing?
  • Libby: Amazingly lame!!
  • Hilda: Zelda, you have a date...
  • Zelda: It's not a date, it's dinner with a colleague. And you're welcome to join us...
  • Hilda: I'd rather die... But thanks!
  • Hilda: (On the phone with Sabrina) Let's see. A sixteen year old invisible boy loose in a high school. Where would he go?
  • Sabrina: Oh-no!
  • (Sabrina drops the receiver and runs to the girls locker room.)
  • Zelda: You have brain head.


  • The fourth outfit for this episode's credits is swimwear and goggles. A shark fin appears and Sabrina says, "Aughh!"
  • Jenny does not appear in this episode.
  • Donald Faison appears in this episode as Justin. He will return in Seasons 2 and 3, playing the role of Dashiell Calzone.


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