Lulu is a one time character who appeared in the episode A Girl And Her Cat.

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Lulu and Monty.

She is played by Kerry Norton.


Lulu is a beautiful British witch who is also a circus performer and contortionist. She first appears when she emerges from her boyfriend's Monty suitcase and is barefoot for the entire episode. Lulu is greatly in love with Monty, exclaiming during dinner: "Isn't he marvelous? I just can't keep my feet off of him!" It's implied that both Monty and Lulu herself both have a mutual fondness of her feet. According to Monty, Lulu is poor. However in the end after Monty proposes to her with a toe ring, she is revealed to be rich as she gives Monty a gold cigarette case.



  • Lulu's Actress,Kerry Northon was was a gymnast before becoming an actress, which explain why she was doing alot of the episode.
  • Throught out the episode Lulu was shown to be barefoot while doing alot of Contortion while in her first appearance she wore black shoes.