Lucy is a witch and Willard Kraft's ex-wife.


Lucy lived in the mortal realm, where she met her husband Willard Kraft. The two of them had a very happy marriage; Lucy helped Willard to build up the courage to dream again. They married in a small private ceremony presided over by Lucy's massage therapist. Willard was unaware that Lucy was a witch. They separated partly because Lucy turned him onto a beast of burden and made out with his best friend Dexter; they had a "messy divorce".

Sabrina and Hilda summon Lucy when Zelda takes Willard to live with them for a while. They are shocked to find out that Lucy is a witch. Lucy lives in The Republic of Infinite Horror and a woman can't immigrate without a husband, this is why Lucy married Willard. When Willard divorced her, she was deported back to the "I.H". Lucy uses her magic to try and get Willard back, but has her potion drained out of Willard by Jerry Springer and is sent back where she came from when Willard picks Zelda with free will.

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