Love in Bloom is the fifteenth episode of the fourth season and the ninetieth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Valentine's Day is around the corner when an anonymous valentine arrives at the Spellman home. At first, Sabrina and Zelda think that it was sent to them by Harvey or Mr. Kraft, but at finding out it wasn't from them, they conclude that it was sent to Hilda by an admirer. Hoping to cheer Hilda up after having to return Daniel Boone back to the past, Sabrina and Zelda rush to give her the good news, only to find out that she has been hiding Daniel in the attic. Meanwhile, Sabrina soon comes down with "Candy Heart Syndrome," causing her aunts to realize that the valentine was sent to her by Josh; when a witch has two mortals vying for her heart, it becomes a candy valentine and she becomes incredibly mean. As a result, Sabrina has to find a way, with Roland's help, to get Josh to stop vying for her heart, before the spell causes her to almost break up with Harvey.

Meanwhile, Salem decides to wage war on a neighborhood bird, the first Robin of spring.


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • Due to a mistake in the airing order this episode was aired before "Welcome Back, Duke" and "Salem's Daughter". It was meant to be aired after "Welcome Back, Duke", with "Salem's Daughter" preceding both.
  • This is Phil Fondacaro's last appearance as Roland the Troll. He appeared in five episodes throughout the series.
  • In the Season Two episode "A Doll's Story," it is mentioned that Zelda and Hilda were on opposite sides of the Civil War. In this episode, it is mentioned that Zelda was in love with a man named Ulysses S. Grant who was a general-in-chief of the Union Army who fought for the North. So that probably means that Zelda was on the side for the North and Hilda was on the side of the South.
  • This is the first appearance of Marnie, a nosey employee at the coffee house. She appears in "Salem's Daughter" and the Season 5 episode "Every Witch Way but Loose.
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