Love Means Having to Say You're Sorry is ninth episode of the fourth season and the eighty fifth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.



Since getting dumped by Harvey after kissing Josh, Sabrina starts to think of ways to get Harvey to forgive her. However, since Harvey started dating another girl, patching things up with him gets difficult for her. At hearing Harvey will be spending Thanksgiving with Colette, Sabrina decides to literally go back to the drawing board to magically rewrite what happened. Eventually, Sabrina and Harvey straighten things out and start dating again.

Salem starts taking what happened harder than Sabrina but soon gets comforted when Hilda and Zelda announce their intention of making mortal Thanksgiving dinner to cheer Sabrina up but trouble arises when they conjure real pilgrims to do the cooking. The pilgrims, however, are afraid of witches.



Guest starring

  • Christopher Rich as John
  • Jennifer Butt as Mary
  • Ginger Williams as Colette


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • This is the only Thanksgiving Day episode on the show.
  • In this episode we learn that witches are forbidden from using magic to make Thanksgiving dinner in an attempt to discourage them from celebrating Thanksgiving to spite the witch-hating pilgrims.
  • Christopher Rich, who plays one of the pilgrims, later portrays Melissa Joan Hart's father on her later sitcom, Melissa & Joey.
  • The episode title is Ryan O'Neal's famous line from the 1970 film Love Story.

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