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Little Orphan Hilda is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the seventy-ninth episode overall.


When Grandma Spellman sends a letter asking to visit Sabrina, Hilda,and Zelda, Sabrina gets very excited because she has to investigate her family tree for an assignment for school. As Lydia arrives, she begins to nag both Hilda and Zelda, and so they flee to the clock shop, hoping that she never finds out about Hilda giving up on the violin. However, Sabrina tells her, not knowing that it was a secret. While trying to find something that would make peace between mother and daughter, Sabrina discovers Hilda and Zelda's adoption papers. She tells them and they begin to question their identity and because they're witches, they begin to disappear. It's up to Sabrina to find their biological parents to solve this mess before she starts to question her own identity.

Meanwhile, Salem is being forced by Hilda to compete with a watch salesman and his dancing monkey outside the clock shop. He's dressed up in the same bellhop suit as the monkey and has to perform tricks to attract costumers; first by playing an accordion, then by spinning plates on sticks with his limbs and tail.

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To Bring Someone Through the Lost in Time Clock

(Cast by Hilda Spellman)

Mom's here and it's a bummer,
bring us someone from that happy farm summer.


  • This is the only appearance of Lydia Spellman, having been mentioned numerous times by Hilda and Zelda in previous episodes.
  • Vesta Spellman is mentioned in this episode.
  • When Hilda and Zelda were under the impression that they were both adopted, don't they find it strange that they both had evil twins which is the Spellman family secret? If they weren't actual Spellmans, then they wouldn't have twins.
  • Mr. Kraft,Dreama, and Brad do not appear in this episode.
  • Edward and Sophia aren't mentioned when discussing how the kids were adopted.
  • This episode title is a reference to the Broadway play and subsequent movie, Little Orphan Annie, generally referred to as Annie.