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Close-up of the labtop

The Labtop is a portable potion lab bought by Zelda Spellman at the start of the second season. It appears as a silver metal brief case with a button, which opens out into a complete potion brewing lab when pushed. It is complete with various chemicals and magic ingredients and flashes with different colored lights when opened. Zelda frequently uses the labtop for her science and magic experiments, concocting powerful potions and cures for ailments. Sabrina, Hilda and Salem have also been known to use the labtop, often without Zelda's permission. It is one of Zelda's most treasured possessions.

Ingredients and Tools

In the Labtop, there are lots of different chemical and magic ingredients for the potions. There're also some tools to concoct. For more chemical and magic ingredients for potions, check this Potions page. These are some tools and ingredients below:

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