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Kevin O'Connor is an Adams College musician who dates Sabrina Spellman during the fifth season.

In "Love is a Many Complicated Thing," Kevin is set up on a date with Sabrina by Morgan with whom he shares a Philosophy class. Though they have a disastrous first date as Sabrina was wrapped up in a love triangle between Morgan and her boyfriend Josh, they reconcile and begin a relationship.

Their relationship ends temporarily in the episode "Sabrina, the Muse" when Sabrina, attempting to be Kevin's musical inspiration, realizes that he has not taken any time to get to know anything about her and is very self-centered, forcing her to break up with him. Kevin then meets her in the coffee house and proves that he remembered details about Sabrina, and they reconcile.

Sabrina reluctantly invites Kevin to come with her and friends to Florida for Spring Break in the episode "Beach Blanket Bizarro," unsure of where the relationship is going. However, Kevin and the rest of the beach being placed under a "good clean fun" spell keep him from revealing his true feelings.

He is never seen again, and "Sabrina, the Activist" Sabrina is very upset about a breakup and has a black cloud over her head. It is assumed that this was her relationship with Kevin.