Juliette Jingleheimer is Dreama's cat and a witch familiar. A former prom queen, Juliette was turned into a cat for attempting to take over the universe. Salem was looking for a date for a high-school reunion, so Sabrina and Dreama fixed him up with Juliette. Juliette is incredibly self-centered and sarcastic, two traits that Salem is particularly drawn to.

Later, though, Salem was confronted by Billy Luto, a man who had bullied Salem as a teenager and who Juliette had a crush on at the time. When Juliette stood up to Billy, he tried to give both of them a wedgie, but Sabrina, who was close by, quickly hung Billy up by his "heenie" (just as he did to Salem). Juliette admitted she had to stand up to Billy because she got angry at the fact that he did not reciprocate her affections when he had the chance, and told Salem that while he loved her, she did not feel the same way.

It is unknown how she became Dreama's witch familiar.

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