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Judge Samuels is a Witch Judge from the Other Realm.


Judge Samuels first appears in the episode "Trial by Fury" when Sabrina Spellman and her aunts put her nasty teacher on trial after failing to use magic for revenge.

He appears next in "When Teens Collide," where he puts Sabrina on trial for trying to take over the world and sentences her to become a cat. He becomes saddened when it was revealed that her evil ways were just the result of her switching personalities with her mean mortal rival, Libby Chessler.

Judge Samuels appears again in "Salem, the Boy," when Sabrina uses a wish coupon given to her by Roland to transfer Salem into a mortal, Gordie being chosen as the vessel. Judge Samuels presides over a trial in Ancient Rome when Salem inevitably becomes uncontrollably power hungry. Judge Samuels sentences Sabrina to be thrown to the lions, but he revokes the sentence when Salem gives himself up.

Judge Samuels' last appearance is in "The Good, the Bad and the Luau" where he presides over the trial that determines whether Sabrina or her identical twin Katrina is the evil twin.


  • Mostly he is a fair judge and also understanding. Mostly he is annoyed by Sabrina and her family antics.