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Josh Blackhart
Vital statistics
Species Mortal
Physical description
Gender Male
Further info
First appearance Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
Last appearance I Fall to Pieces
Portrayed by: David Lascher
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Josh Blackhart is a mortal and was the manager of "Bean There, Brewed That," a coffee house where Sabrina gets a job at, though he eventually becomes a photo journalist. He attends Emerson College. Josh develops strong feelings for Sabrina and after liking each other at the wrong times, the two finally begin a serious relationship.



Josh hires Sabrina to work at the coffee house. They start off friends, but Sabrina quickly develops a crush on him. After the two share a kiss and Harvey breaks up with Sabrina, she tried to ask Josh out, but the age difference makes him reluctant to say yes. After realizing how stupid it was to reject her when she rekindles her flame with Harvey, Josh regularly competes for Sabrina's affections. This culminates in a final competition in an Other Realm "Boyfriend Course" (a literal obstacle course that two competitors must complete), however when Josh and Harvey work together to complete it and save Sabrina, it seems the decision still has to be made. This is proved otherwise, when the spell meant to erase Harvey and Josh's memories after the event only works on Josh (because Harvey has reached his "spell quota") and Sabrina's secret is exposed to Harvey.


Josh attempts to ask Sabrina out after her breakup with Harvey, but Sabrina feels that if she dated someone so early, she would only be on the rebound. Josh is instantly attracted to Sabrina's roommate, Morgan Cavanaugh, when the two meet at a party. Sabrina is upset when Morgan and Josh start dating and realizes that she still has feelings for him. Josh and Morgan finally break up, due to having very little in common and he shares a kiss with Sabrina in the empty coffee house at the end of the year.


Sabrina and Josh

Josh pursues his career aspiration to be a photographer and gets a job taking pictures for The Boston Citizen. Josh uses this position to get Sabrina (who is now officially his girlfriend) an internship. Certain magical mishaps at work create turbulence in their relationship, but Josh always gives Sabrina the benefit of the doubt in the end regardless of what happens. When Sabrina has to gamble her true love in order to save her Aunt Hilda, Sabrina tells Josh that "If anything should happen, I'll always love you", the two share their final kiss and sure enough, by the end of the episode, a spell is enacted causing Josh to announce that he is leaving for a job in Prague.


  • David Lascher portrayed the role of a character named Josh on the popular '90s teen television series "Clueless." These two Josh characters are not the same character, which is emphasized by their different last names. Melissa Joan Hart once portrayed Sabrina in a cross over episode of Clueless.
  • David Lascher was originally meant to star in Season Seven, as the season's engagement storyline was initially meant for his character. However David Lascher wanted to move on at the end of the sixth season, so didn't return for the final year. Due to this, the character Aaron Jacobs was written into the show.
  • David Lascher and Nate Richert were the only actors besides the immediate Spellman Family to remain on the show after the move from ABC to the WB, the other cast members being fired.
  • In the fourth season episode, "Sabrina Nipping At Your Nose", Josh reveals to Sabrina that he is Muslim, despite putting up a Christmas tree in the coffeehouse.
  • Josh's rivalry with Harvey, over Sabrina's affections, is similar to the Seth and Harvey rivalry from the TV movie pilot. Also, like Seth, Josh is older than Harvey.
  • It is mentioned that Josh is a Pisces, suggesting his birthday is sometime in February or March. (Season 6 Episode 7)