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Jezebelda is the evil twin of Zelda Spellman. She shares a cell with Katrina Spellman in the Other Realm Prison. She is a witch, however, prisoners have no access to their magic powers. Jezebelda speaks with a strong Southern accent, and is obsessed with Mary Kay make up products. She revels in her evil nature and claims responsibility for the Bubonic Plague. She also seems to have a very low IQ, especially if compared to Zelda. While Katrina switched passports with Sabrina she was in prison with her and she tried to bribe Sabrina into poisoning Zelda in exchange for letting her escape.


  • As Katrina has the same magic manifestation as Sabrina, it is possible Jezebelda also has magic that manifests through violet sparkles.
  • In the series, Katrina Spellman, Sabrina's twin and Jezabelda, Zelda's twin are shown, but Hilda's is never shown.
  • Jezebelda's name is a variant of Jezebel, an evil woman mentioned in the Bible.


Through the entire series, Jezebelda has appeared in two episodes.

Season Five

Season Six