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Jenny Kelley
Vital statistics
Born Jennifer Kelly
Species Mortal
Physical description
Gender Female
Further info
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Troll Bride
Portrayed by: Michelle Beaudoin
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I don't want to fit in. I researched it. Awkward people tend to be much more successful later in life. I look at Libby...I see tragedy
— Jenny meets Sabrina

Jenny Kelley is Sabrina Spellman's best friend during her sophomore year at Westbridge High School on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Jenny is a girl who prides herself on being odd. Instead of going with the crowd, she enjoys following her own path and being a rebel, which makes her a great friend to Sabrina who often gets herself and her friends in odd situations because she's really a witch.

Sabrina and Jenny.

Jenny never discovers her friend's secret but almost does one night as she slept over Sabrina's house. Jenny accidentally stepped into the Spellman's linen closet which acts as their portal to the Other Realm. There, Jenny meets the head of the Witches Council, Drell, who turns her into a grasshopper. She is eventually turned back with Sabrina's help and is convinced that the entire thing was a dream, resulting in her being disappointed that sleeping at Sabrina's house was plain ordinary.

After the end of sophomore year, Jenny is not seen or heard from again. Her disappearance was a mystery to the audience. She was replaced, both in the main cast and storyline, by Valerie Birkhead, as Sabrina's best friend.


SabrinaSo you're happy?
JennyVery! I'd much rather be jaded than naive
―School politics


  • Michelle Beaudoin is the only other actor besides Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) to have appeared in both the pilot movie and the television show. However, her character's name was originally Marnie Littlefield, though she fundamentally played the same role as Jenny.
  • In an interview, Michelle Beudoin confirmed that her departure from the series was not her choice and that the network wanted Sabrina to have an "ethnic best friend". However, this idea was obviously thrown out since Valerie Birkhead, who wasn't "ethnic" at all, took Jenny's place. (If quasi-Judaism counts). Jenny was also removed from the show, behind-the-scenes, when the writer, in charge of her character, left the show, after Season 1. Melissa Joan Hart has confirmed this as a frequent practice.
  • Jenny is a vegetarian, likes the cold, and is a fan of poetry and the outdoors/nature. She is also idealistic and wants to make a difference.
  • In her last episode, "Troll Bride", she is given only one line and makes no other appearances in the episode.
  • She only appeared in 13 out of the 24 episodes in Season 1.