Jenny's Non-Dream is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


After a thoroughly enjoyable sleep-over at Jenny's house, Sabrina begins to feel obliged to invite Jenny over but is terrified of her finding out just how abnormal her home life is. Hilda and Zelda promise to act normally, and Sabrina agrees to give it a try. Things however take a turn for the worse when just before Jenny arrives, a repairman turns up to repair the clothes dryer and he has a large bushy tail. When a lint gremlin escapes from the dryer and starts running around the house chased by the repairman, Sabrina starts to panic. At that very moment, Jenny arrives. Hilda has true to form gone rather over-the-top with her mortal costume and hairstyle which is preposterously out of date. Sabrina gives her a list of acceptable topics for discussion over dinner, and Hilda takes a delight in discussing the first of them, towels, ad absurdum. A bit later on, Jenny heads off in search of a towel in the linen closet and ends up getting whisked to the Other Realm where she meets Drell . When Drell discovers she's a mortal, he turns her into a grasshopper. When Sabrina follows her in, Drell gives her the grasshopper in a jar. Given a hint to look for loopholes in the rules by the rules bearer, Sabrina tries to convince Jenny that she was dreaming so that she can return to the mortal world.



Guest starring

  • Penn Jillette as Drell
  • Teller as Skippy
  • Jack Wagner as Himself

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Zelda uses magic to stir her cookie dough.
  • Zelda causes Sabrina pain to remind her to ask Jenny over.
  • Hilda summons thunder and lightning.
  • Drell turns Jenny into a grasshopper.
  • Drell turns Jenny back to normal.
  • Sabrina summons Jack Wagner.
  • Sabrina sends Jack Wagner away.
  • Sabrina summons a desk and a test.
  • Jenny floats out of the linen closet.


  • (Opening the bedroom door)

Jenny: Sabrina? (Walks over to Salem and pats his head when she notices him) Hey kitty, do you know where the linen closet is?

Salem: Meow.

Jenny: I know it’s snooping, but all that talk about towels made me wanna check theirs out. (Walks over to the nearest door)

Salem: Meow!

Jenny: I found it! (Opens the closet and goes inside)

Salem: Meow! (Sabrina comes up the stairs) MEOW!

Sabrina: What’s up Salem? (As the linen closet sends Jenny to the Other Realm)

Salem: Jenny just got sent to the Other Realm.

Sabrina: You're kidding! (Opens the door to see if Jenny is still there)

Salem: No, and I’m glad. Now everything can go back to normal.

(After going through limbo)

Sabrina: I don’t see Jenny.

Hilda: Good, ‘cause I see Drell.

Drell: Oh, hi ladies. Glad you didn’t catch me doing anything silly.

Hilda: Er, actually we were just looking for someone.

Zelda: But she doesn’t seem to be here, so we’re sorry to disturb you.

Drell: Wait! Maybe I, er, have seen her. Is her name Jenny?

Sabrina: Yes!

Drell: Does she have green eyes?

Sabrina: Yeah!

Drell: Is she a vegetarian?

Sabrina: Yeah!

Drell: Does she have a segmented body and ears on her thorax?

Sabrina: No.

Drell: Wanna bet? (Pulls out a jar with Jenny as a grasshopper in it)

Rulebearer: Mortals without conscious knowledge of the realm may walk in and out of it freely

Zelda: But Jenny already has conscious knowledge

Sabrina: So we get rid of the conscious part

Hilda: We knock her out?


  • Before Jenny arrives to sleep over at Sabrina's house, Sabrina asks Salem to work on his 'meow'. However, in the Pilot episode, before Salem reveals he can talk, he meows perfectly.
  • Libby and Mr. Pool are absent from this episode.
  • Jenny states she believes in other realms like when Edmund in Lion Witch and the wardrobe goes through the wardrobe but it is in fact Lucy who goes through the wardrobe not Edmund.
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