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Zelda, Hilda and Sabrina at the wedding

I Fall to Pieces is the 22nd episode of Season Six and the 141st episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Ravel Magic

Hilda is on the rebound after she breaks up with President Banning so she meets a guy named Will, the train conductor for the mystery train that Sabrina and her friends went on in Murder on the Halloween Express. They instantly fall in love and want to get married. Sabrina and Zelda believe that the relationship is moving way too quickly so they plan to break them up. Everything goes according to plan when Zelda throws herself at Will when Hilda walks in, causing her to break up with him. Unfortunately, Hilda turns to stone and falls to pieces because he was her soul mate. Once knowing Hilda's love was true, Sabrina takes Stone Hilda to The Ed's Life and Storage where she can come back to life. Sabrina must gamble her own true love to save her aunt's life.

Sabrina, her aunts, and Salem then have a tearful goodbye right before Hilda marries Will in a ceremony in the backyard. At the episode's conclusion, Sabrina's gamble comes to fruition as Josh decides to take that job oppurtunity in Prague, Harvey tells Sabrina that he's moving to California, and the wedding caterer named Luke that fixes Sabrina's shoe says that they can never see each other again. This caused Sabrina to turn to stone and fall to pieces.

Meanwhile, Miles keeps catching Salem doing crazy stuff.
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Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


To Conjure Rodin

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)

We can't fix Hilda but someone else can,
Send us an expert like Rodin.


  • This is the second season finale to end on a cliffhanger; the first being "The End of an Era."
  • This story is concluded in the seventh season premiere.
  • This is the final appearance of Beth Broderick as Zelda, David Lascher as Josh, and Trevor Lissauer as Miles.
  • This is the last episode in which Caroline Rhea (Hilda) appears as part of the main cast, however she returns as a "special guest star" in Soul Mates. Zelda will reappear in the following episode, being portrayed by a child, and in the series finale, in the form of a candle.
  • David Lascher's character Josh Blackhart was originally meant to play a big part in the final season, however he wanted to move on from the show after this season. Due to this, the end of season six and the season seven story were changed to accommodate the introduction of Aaron Jacobs.
  • Unusually, no family members other than Sabrina and Zelda are seen at Hilda's wedding (on-screen). Although this could be explained by how short notice Hilda's wedding was.
  • This is the second and final appearance of Will.
  • It is believed that if Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick had stayed, Season Seven would have involved Hilda and Zelda giving up their powers and attempting to lead completely mortal lives. Therefore still sticking to the plot of Sabrina taking care of herself and her own magic and also accommodating the upcoming budget cuts (less special effects). It is unknown if Hilda would have still gotten married.
  • Harvey reveals that he's still in love with Sabrina.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of the coffee house.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of the labtop, fitting for Zelda's final episode.
  • In their emotional goodbye, Sabrina and the aunts reference the times when they crossed swords with pirates, looked at time shares in hell, ski'd on mars, rode the rollercoaster on the rings of saturn, and when they rescued her from the volcano.
  • This is the only time that we see Hilda's bedroom in the series.
  • This is the second time Hilda has been engaged. She was previously engaged to Drell, but was stood up on the big day.
  • When Rodan rebuilds Hilda, he leaves her appendix unattached. What we learn in Present Perfect means that Hilda is now a perfectionist.
  • Hilda tells Will concerning her mood ring, "If you're lucky, it'll be green" as well as using it as evidence that he had betrayed her after kissing Zelda. However, violet is usually the mood ring color associated with passion and romance.

Continuity Errors

  • In this episode it is revealed that if a witch is separated from her soul mate, she turns to stone and falls to pieces. However, we later learn that Sabrina and Harvey were soul mates all along, yet Sabrina hadn't fallen to pieces before this episode despite several break ups with Harvey. Perhaps, it didn't work because she didn't know about it.
    • Perhaps this is because Sabrina and Harvey were meant to end up together and Hilda and Will were too, so being permanently separated turns a witch to stone - Sabrina was destined to end up with Harvey, so it didn't affect her.
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