I, Busybody is the eighteenth episode of the sixth season and the 137th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina tries to advise her friends, family, and co-workers but it ends up backfiring on her so she tries to mind her own business. But when she cannot help but to interfere in her friends' lives, Sabrina travels to an Other Realm mechanic to have her "Busybody part" removed. But does Sabrina's missing part do more harm than good?

Meanwhile, Roxie becomes infatuated with a mysterious guy over the phone who she doesn't know is actually Salem who has a crush on her.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • When Mike enters the coffee house all of the patrons yell "Mike!" This alludes to the sitcom Cheers, in which George Wendt (Mike) played Norm Peterson. Every time Norm walked into the Cheers bar, the patrons would yell "Norm!"
  • The night that this episode aired, the WB had all its Friday night sitcoms play a game with a mystery caller.
  • Morgan and Harvey officially breakup in this episode.
  • This episode makes the final appearance of Mike Shelby.
  • While waiting for Salem/Alejandro in the coffeehouse, Roxie asks Morgan what happened with "Johnny Karate," the married kick-boxer (whose real name is Johnny Austin) she was seeing. Johnny Karate is the pseudonym of musician Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation when he performs for children, and later for his television show.
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