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Humbe Pie is the eighth episode of the sixth season and the 127th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Morgan spends all her cash when she goes on a shopping spree and has to borrow money from Sabrina, Roxie & Miles, leading them to band together to help Morgan financially by lending her money to pay her share of the rent. When Morgan continues spending the money Sabrina tells her about how they all chipped in, but only to find out that Morgan is expecting "that big fat envelope" from her father tomorrow. When they discover the envelope actually contains old bills Sabrina tells Morgan to get a job while herself planning to stretch the last of Morgan's remaining dollars with magic. But Morgan refuses to accept any job to pay her friends back, forcing Sabrina to literally offer her a big helping of Humble Pie.

Meanwhile, Zelda and Salem join the Other Realm book club, and Hilda goes to a dinner party at her boyfriend President Banning's house, discovering that Zelda's boyfriend Arthur Carlin is dating a younger woman.

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Sabrina transports herself to the money washer
  • Sabrina uses the money stretching machine to stretch a dollar bill
  • Hilda conjures a hearing tube to overhear professor Carlin's conversation
  • Hilda moves the chair from under professor Carlin causing him to fall
  • Sabrina gives Humble Pie to Morgan forcing her to become more humble and accept a job



  • Some guy (looking for vacancy in the dorm): Okay, okay, I guess I'll just find another place big enough to hold my high-frequency radiotelescope (leaves)
    Miles: Come back! We'll throw someone out!
  • Sabrina (about Morgan's new purse): ... or maybe its a cheap synthetic, you know, shmalligator
    Miles: You don't really believe it, do you?
    Sabrina: I give Morgan benefit of a doubt. She said she pays us back and we should believe her. Other questions?
    Miles: Yes! If there is a shmalligator is there also a shmacodile?