Sabrina typing her story.

Hilda's Magical Typewriter, (Seen in Sabrina the Teenage Writer) is a magical object that turns the story it's writing into reality. For example, Sabrina unwittingly used the typewriter to put herself in the middle of a James-Bond like story with everything from evil scientists to top secret spies. Hilda was meant to throw it away but she got too carried away with making herself star in Romance Novels she typed up herself, much to the distress of Sabrina.

In Sabrina's Story, she turned Valerie Birkhead into Vivian Soontodie, Harvey Kinkle into Derek Kink, Mrs. Quick into Mrs. Doohickie, Libby Chessler into Lydia Kissandkill and Mr. Kraft into the main antagonist, Dr. Bad. 

If a character dies so does it's real life counterpart. If you don't have a logical beginning, middle and end, proper character backstory/developement and beleivable story, the characters will reject it, since, quoting Hilda, ficitonal character are such pre-madonnas.