The HD clock

"Hickery Dickery Clock! We've always got time for you!"

Hickery Dickery Clock is the clock shop that Hilda Spellman buys in Season 4 after getting tired of the violin. According to Zelda, it is located by the market and for two years it was a karate shop, a nail salon, a yogurt shop, a nail salon, a Chinese Restaurant and a Chinese Restaurant with a nail salon. Dutch briefly blows the location up, but Hilda and Zelda bring it back.

During her ownership, Hilda purchased a magical "lost-in-time" grandfather clock which brings people from the past to the future after they make a terrible mistake in their life, and she and Zelda must help them fix it and send them back home or risk turning into clocks themselves. Sometimes, when a witch makes a mistake of magic and conjures people from the past, they can go back through this clock too.The only person in the main cast to go into the clock is Sabrina. Other people to have come or gone through it are Gretchen, John, Billy, Marie Curie, Pierre Curie and Willard Kraft.

The clock shop goes under sometime between season 4 and season 5, and Hilda purchases the coffee house.


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