Heart of the Matter is the third episode of the fifth season and the hundredth overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


When Sabrina realizes she has been turning down guys left and right since her breakup with Harvey, she casts a spell ensuring that she'll say "yes" every time she's asked out. But the spell goes awry, leaving Sabrina out of alignment. Later, when Josh takes Morgan out on a date, Sabrina has a "heartfelt" reaction.

Meanwhile, Hilda takes over ownership of the coffee house, but her people skills are scaring the customers away until she gets an idea: Doing stand-up comedy.

Also, Miles develops a crush on Zelda, but she tells him that she's not interested.


(A misaligned Sabrina has had the dating spell removed, but it hasn't helped)

Sabrina: "Nothing's happened!  What am I going to do?"

Salem: "Do what you always do. Go crying to you're aunties to bail you out. Boo-hoo-hoo! Help me aunties!"

(Salem laughs, but Sabrina magically causes the skateboard Salem is standing on to accelerate and fly out the front door)

Sabrina: "I'm an independent woman, I don't need my aunts for help".

(She holds her head in a way that enables her to type something on her laptop with both hands)

Sabrina: "This is easy. (Typing) "Head misalignment". (Reading) "Go to aunts for help" Boo-hoo-hoo".

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


To Get Sabrina to Yes to Dates

(Cast by Roger Lodge)

The guys who ask Sabrina out are tired of waiting.
From now on, Sabrina will say yes to dating.


  • This marks the show's 100th episode! Cast and crew came together to cut the cake, including past members of the cast. Photos can be seen here
  • In the hallway, Sabrina catches a guy's football; that is how she met Harvey (after she changes time), in the Pilot. It is possible that this 100th episode scene was supposed to mirror the 1st episode.
  • Sabrina mentions the time her chest was unlocked to see her heart in Season 4's episode "Love in Bloom."
  • Roger Lodge guest stars as himself, as a witch who Sabrina hires to cast the dating spell on her. This is a reference to Lodge being the host of the dating reality show Blind Date.
  • At the end of the episode, Hilda is entertaining the customers by doing stand-up comedy. In actuality, Caroline Rhea, who plays Hilda, is a stand-up comedian.
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