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"Granny" (real name unknown), passed down the Magic Book to the Spellmans in one of her wills, making their hillbilly cousins: Racine, Boyd and Maw-Maw extremely jealous, culminating in a magical family feud. Great-Granny zaps herself into the Spellman household once the feud starts to go to far and mediates between the two parties. Great-Granny has a magic bell, which she can use to summon family members at any time. Great-Granny does not like to be interrupted and will discipline those who try to, magically levitating them up into a corner of the room's ceiling. It is unknown if she is the mother of Lydia Spellman or her husband.


"And make it snappy! I foolishly wore a girdle".

"Racine, Boyd, your trouble is not the Magic Book. Stop blaming your circumstances. You've got obastacles, go around them".

"The next person who interupts me is going straight to the corner".