Gordie is Sabrina’s nerdy classmate at Westbridge High School who becomes friends with Sabrina, Valerie, Jenny and Harvey. Not much is known about him, but it is known that he raises money for orphans, and that he once helped out Sabrina to escape school when she was being embarrassed. Sabrina first met Gordie in the Westbridge Science Club, and the two remained acquaintances and friends for three years of high school. Gordie also had a short lived relationship with Sabrina's friend Valerie; however it couldn’t have gotten too serious, since Valerie moved to Alaska not long after. 

Gordie is the student chosen by Roland to be the host for Salem Saberhagen's essence when he wishes to be a human. Salem's contrastingly extravert nature helps Gordie and Valerie's relationship along a little. 

Gordie does not return in the fourth season, and no explanation is given for his absence.