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Gail Spellman (formerly Kippling) is Sabrina's step-mother, married to her father,Edward Spellman, and is the mother of Donald.


Gail is an Other Realm lawyer and started dating Ted sometime in 1996. When she's introduced to his daughter, Sabrina doesn't take her divorced father being in a new relationship very well and acts really mean to Gail. When Gail and Ted get into an argument about whether or not they plan to get married, with Gail being for it and Ted being against, Gail goes back to her office in the Magic Book, upset. Sabrina then gets the couple back together.

Three years later, Gail and Ted have gotten married and have moved into the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and it is revealed that she has a son, Donald. Sabrina temporarily moves in with them at the beginning of her senior year but shortly goes back to to her aunts' house.

It is unknown if Gail attends Sabrina's wedding.


  • Charlene Fernetz, the actress who portrays Gail in season 1, portrayed Aunt Zelda in the original Sabrina movie.
  • Jacqueline Schultz portrays Gail in her brief season four appearance.


Over the course of the show's seven seasons, Gail Kippling appeared in two episodes:

Season One
Meeting Dad's Girlfriend
Season Four
No Place Like Home