Certain witch families seem to have a "family secret". A witch must uncover their family secret before they are allowed to use their Witch's License. Family members often visit the witch to deliver clues that will help them solve the secret. A witch also gains the legal right to vote in The Other Realm once they have turned seventeen and solved their family secret.

The Spellman Family Secret

Sabrina Spellman was given a "Family Secret Board" to display all the clues on and eventually worked it out on her trip to Hawaii.

The Spellman family secret is: Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin.

Spellman Family Secret Clues

Picture Clue
Aviary.jpg Every

(Given by Dorma Spellman): Aviary- sound like every

Member.jpg Member (Given by The Pirates): Picture of ember plus M = Member
Of.jpg Of (Given by Marigold Wiccan): Picture of heart=Love minus L= ove- sounds like of
The spellman.jpg. The Spellman

(Given byMortimer Spellman): Picture of a super hero with ABC printed on his chest= Representing the Spellmans.

Family.jpg Family: Picture of Fay Wray (Given by King Kong) 

= Fa            

The picture of Sabrina (Given by Stanislav) : "The picture of me" = mi           

 Robert E. Lee picture (Given by Santa Claus) = ly

Is.jpg Is

(Given by Zsa Zsa Goowhiggie): A snake hissing- h"is"sing= is

Born.jpg Born

(Given by Emperor Larry): B plus Horn= Born 

With.jpg With (Given by Susie Spellman): A whip- sounds like with
A twin.jpg A twin (Given by Pele): Twine minus E= A twin
  • Cousin Susie also gave Sabrina a clue that didn't go on the board: "We all have good and bad parts". This was most likely a hint to the fact one Spellman twin is good and one is evil.


  • Sabrina solved most of the family clues, but her teacher, Mrs. Quick solved two of the clues. The first one solved, ("Love -L is of") she solved when she saw Sabrina's write out of the clues; the second one ("Avery=Every") she figured out, when Sabrina brought her onto her home-made game show.
  • Whether every single family of witches has a family secret is unknown.
    • Seeing as how if two witch families intermingle, their child would have more than one family secret, this casts doubt on the subject.
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