Sabrina (blue) first meets Katrina (pink), her twin.

Evil Twins are born at the same time a witch is born, however unlike mortal twins they do not have the same parents as their double.


Only the Spellman family members are born with evil twins; this is the family secret that allows the Spellman witches to use their Witch's License after getting it.

After every member of the Spellman family discovers this secret, they meet their twin for the first time, but soon discover that one of them is evil one while the other is good. To discover which one is the evil witch, a variety of quizzes are done in order to determine who is the evil twin. The final test is conducted at a volcano; if the elected good twin doesn't dare to throw their evil twin into the volcano, it is proved that they are the good one; however if they push their twin in, they are officially named the evil twin.

Evil twins are made to live in the Twin Cities in The Other Realm. Evil twins like Katrina who push their good cunterparts in the volcano test are sentenced to prison time. Either way, they are not legelly allowed in the Mortal Realm.

The existence of evil twins is revealed in Season 3's finale, The Good, the Bad and the Luau.

Known Evil Twins


  • Though Katrina and Jezebelda are the only known evil twins on the series, it is known that Hilda, who turned out to be the good one, was about to throw her evil twin into the volcano.
  • The evil twin factor is an homage to two popular magic sitcoms from the 60s-70s, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, whose protagonists have an identical evil twin or an evil relative identical to them.