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With all due respect, Madam, you split your husband's head open; I'm merely helping to dispose of the evidence.Edward to Martha Kinkle after possessing her son's body.

Edward Theodore Spellman, a former High Priest of the Church of the Night and leader of the Westbridge witch coven until 1957, is a prominent witch in the dark world of magic, known primarily for his exceptional satanic abilities that have given him the rare title of Conjurer, and for being the father of Sabrina Spellman, who was born as a result of her relationship with the mortal Diana Sawyer as part of her plan to conceive of a powerful hybrid heir that would mark a new era between the magical and mortal community.

Edward is a prominent character in the horror comic “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” written by Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, and is also one of the main antagonists of the “Witch War” arc.

Physical Appearance

Edward Spellman was an attractive man, which made him quite popular among women, who couldn't resist his combination of handsomeness and power. Edward was tall, tanned, and slightly corpulent, enough to have a large toned chest covered by a few hairs. His hair was dark, so much that it was difficult to distinguish whether it was black or just a fairly dark brown, his eyes were brown, and he had a perfectly manicured beard that connected with his mustache, revealing his lips and part of his chin.

Given the position in which Edward has found himself from an early age, he developed a sense of impeccable and proper fashion of the time, characterized by always wearing custom-made suits, whose colors varied between black, gray, cinnamon and beige. Although he managed to look elegant, Edward also managed to look relaxed, usually buttoning his jackets halfway to reveal the front of his shirt and tie, which usually used to be red or black.

After Edward was brought back to life by his daughter Sabrina and his former lover, Iola, his soul occupied the body of Harvey Kinkle, a handsome young man of sixteen, tall, stocky, blond and blue-eyed. Edward was delighted with his new appearance, since according to him he could obtain many pleasures with her.


Don't bet on it, Hilda, he's a show-off and a charlatan — always had been, always will be...Zelda to her sister Hilda regarding their brother Edward's personality.

Since childhood, Edward, the youngest of the Spellmans, exhibited characteristics that would determine the kind of person he would grow up to be. He was always an intelligent and curious boy, able to modify, at a very early age, several conjuring spells written in the Demonomicon, a powerful satanic text that instructs sorcerers in performing necromantic and summoning rituals. Unfortunately, Edward's intelligence has tended to play against him numerous times, mainly because he often underestimates others, ignoring what they may be able to do; a clear example of this are his sisters, whom Edward always saw as weak and yet they were responsible for punishing him when they discovered several of his secrets.

In addition to his intelligence, other features of Edward's hedonistic personality are his ambition and uncontrolled airs of greatness, always wanting to be more than he is and get more than he has or rightfully deserves. Edward is a narcissist, empowers himself with the attention and respect he receives, and can reach unimaginable extremes to obtain them, such as when he deceived his entire congregation that he was able to invoke the Dark Lord himself, Satan, only to try to rise in rank in the Church of the Night. He was able to assassinate members of his own community and maintained relationships with numerous women who admired him. Except for himself, Edward does not seem to have consideration or love for anyone else, not even his sister or the woman who gave his daughter, since after having fulfilled his mission, he got rid of her without thinking twice, affecting her mind with witchcraft and enclosing it in a mental sanatorium. Regardless, Edward did claim to somewhat regret this, as he was fond of Diana and his affection for her is why he didn't outright kill her.

Although Edward is a really despicable man, he has also shown positive attributes or at least genuine feelings towards certain people, particularly his daughter Sabrina, of whom on more than one occasion he felt pride thanks to his incredible skills and daring nature. However, those feelings could be considered superficial considering that this was the reason why he wanted to conceive Sabrina in the first place. When he returned to life in the body of Sabrina's boyfriend, in his mind he commented how their bodies fit perfectly, but he quickly pushed the idea away, since according to him there were lines that should not be crossed, however, those thoughts persisted, and even on several occasions he was willing to make them a reality.


Early life

Edward Spellman was a precocious child, and an alter boy serving the priests and brothers of the Church of Night. He attended Black Mass six times a week. He conjured his first demon, Yan-gant-y-tan, in his attic when he was seven years old. Edward told the demon he had discovered an invocation, written on a slip of paper, pressed into an old copy of the Demonomicon he found at an estate sale, in a dust bin. He rewrote some of the incantation, and summoned Yan-gant-y-tan, a lesser demon in the Hierarchy of Hell.
Edward's feat was quickly learned in the parish, and thanks to one of the parishioners, the news reached the ears of Father Alphonse Louis Constant, the High Wizard of the Church of Night and a master of the occult arts who was rumored to be one of the twelve alchemists capable of converting lead into gold. Father Constant showed considerable interest in Edward's abilities and asked him to conjure another demon. Two days later, Edward managed to conjure the demon Volac. Volac revealed to Edward, before threatening to kill him, not to freely give out his name. Fortunately, Volac had been contained with a protective barrier drawn around the area of ​​invocation by Edward. Father Constant confirmed Volac's assertion and rewarded Edward with gold. With the intention of testing Edward's abilities, Father Constant asked him to make other more complicated invocations, having him conjure Beelzebub Lord of the Flies. Father Constant was impressed by Edward's abilities and let him know that he was a born conjurer and that not even Steven Marcato, the most famous conjurer until then, had been able to do what Edward could do at age ten.

After Edward successfully performed all the tests to which the priest had submitted him, Father Constant offered himself as Edward's confirmation godfather, something that had been unprecedented until that time. Edward gladly accepted Constant's proposal, but he soon learned that the reason he was doing this was because he needed his help; the Church was going through a crisis, the satanic membership was abandoning the path of night and turning to the path of light, and they needed something that would give them back their faith. Father Constant asked Edward to perform the greatest act of conjuration that exists: to invoke Satan. Father Constant persuded Edward to do so, claiming that if he did it successfully, the Church of the Night would reward him in unimaginable ways, granting him the title of bishop at twenty, cardinal by thirty, and Dark Pope at forty.

Such offerings of power in exchange for his help was the only thing Edward needed to get to work. Reading, studying, searching, Edward tried weaving hundreds of spells together to conjure Lucfier. The task imposed by Fr. Constant was not easy at all, the spells Edward found were complex and it took a couple of days to perfect them, and while he made progress, Edward accidentally conjured several demons: from Fur-Fur, the Unholy Stag of Doom, Lord Cerberus, Ba-El, the shape-shifting demoness Empusa, to the Lord of the Planets Stolas. Each of the demons that Edward invoked was powerful, but that was not enough for Father Constant, who, with the passing of the days and the failed attempts of Edward, became increasingly frustrated until one day he decided to rebuke Edward physically, since according to him, some creatures responded better to abuse.

After that auspicious moment, Edward began revising his spells and summoned Empusa to assume the form of Lucifer to deceive Fr. Constant. Feeling confident in his plan, Edward re-approached Fr. Constant and let him know he was ready to carry out the invocation. Preparations were made for a midnight mass on Christmas Eve, in the middle of a howling snow storm. The Church itself was heavily occupied by hundreds of members, both old and new, anxious to fill the void in their hearts with the darkness that only Satan could offer them. With Fr. Constant officiating the service, Edward summoned Empusa, disguised As Satan. 

Edward's work served to restore the faith of the congregation in the Church of the Night, and the next week the service was flooded with new members. Believing that the invocation had been enough, Edward went to Father Constant to talk about his reward, but instead of what was promised, he only offered to seat his older sisters, Hilda and Zelda, in the front row to witness future conjurations, since Edward would need to invoke Satan at regular intervals to keep the faithful engaged.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spell Casting: The power to change and control events through the use of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, a gesture or any combination of these.
    • Conjuration: The power to conjure demons and other beings. Edward was known as the greatest conjurer the Church of Night ever produced.
  • Longevity: As a full-warlock, Edward aged at a slower rate than mortals.




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