Edward "Ted" Spellman is a warlock who is the father of Sabrina Spellman, husband of Gail, and stepfather of Donald Kippling. Ted is the eldest of his siblings, having four younger sisters.


Ted fell in love with and married a mortal woman named Diana Becker, and together they raised their daughter Sabrina. However, Ted and Diana's marriage became rocky and the two ultimately divorced.


Ted's picture in "the Discovery of Magic."

Shortly before Sabrina's 16th birthday, upon which she's supposed to discover her magic, Ted is called away to the Other Realm Foreign Services, and because Diana is mortal, and is therefore forbidden from seeing Sabrina for two years by the Witches Council, he sends Sabrina to live with his younger sisters Hilda and Zelda. On her birthday, when her aunts tell her that she's a witch, Sabrina is unconvinced until she talks to her father through his portrait in the Magic Book. Ted is able to calm his daughter down and convince her to accept witch training from her aunts.

Months later, Ted visits Sabrina and introduces her to his new girlfriend, Gail Kippling. Like any other child of divorce, Sabrina doesn't take too kindly to her father in a new relationship and utimately causes a fight between the two where Gail wants to get married but Ted doesn't want to go down that road again. Sabrina is able to convince Gail to return to her father, and the couple gets back together to try to work things out.

During Sabrina's junior year, Ted asks Sabrina to go to Rome to try to figure out the secret behind what happened to his sister Sophia who disappeared in the eternal city centuries ago.

Edward Spellman

Ted's magic

On Sabrina's eighteenth birthday, Ted asks Sabrina to come live with him, Gail, and his stepson Donald in Paris now that he's settled there and won't be away as much. Due to dissapointments in her life at home, Sabrina decides to take her dad up on his offer and moves into their home in the Eiffel Tower. Though Ted tries to make Sabrina feel at home, Sabrina misses her family and friends and decides to return especially upon her father having to go to Pluto to deal with a civil war. It was eventually revealed that Salem started the civil war on Pluto to get his "Sabreeny" back.

Edward arriving at Sabrina's wedding.

On Sabrina's wedding day, Ted arrives just in time to walk Sabrina down the aisle. When Sabrina ends up not going through with the wedding and riding off with her high school sweetheart Harvey, Ted looks on with his ex-wife with pride.


  • Doug Sheehan, the second actor to portray Ted, also starred in the TV show Clueless, on which Melissa Joan Hart portrayed Sabrina in a crossover.
  • The tone that Edward Spellman dubbed as the Voice whenever he's angry or fooling around was actually the voice that Robby Benson used as the Beast in the Disney adaption of Beauty and the Beast. 
  • Incidentally, Ted's ex-wife, Diana, is also played by two different actors.
  • Ted is the only character besides Sabrina, Hilda, Salem, and Harvey to appear in both the Pilot and the series finale.
  • Edward delivers the last ever line in the series before Sabrina and Harvey ride off together in Soul Mates.


Edward Spellman appeared in four episodes:

Season One
Season Four
Season Seven
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