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Drell was a powerful witch and was head of The Witches Council, until the council undergoes major changes and modernization. Drell is feared for his short temper and powerful magic. He is the ex-fiance of Hilda Spellman.


Drell dated Hilda Spellman on and off and was once engaged to her, but left Hilda at the altar. He is known to send Hilda a pot roast when he's calling off a date, and half a pot roast when he is going to be late. Hilda finally builds up the strength to stand him up on a date and give him a taste of his own medicine. Drell has a pet mole named "Moley" and is very sensitive about people staring at him. When Jenny is accidentally transported to The Other Realm, Drell turns her into a grasshopper, until Sabrina finds a loophole and convinces Jenny it is all a dream. Drell only appears in Season 1, though presumably remained Head of the Witches Council until, at least, Season 6, when a new Witches Council, is shown on-screen.


  • Penn Jillette is best known for being one half of "Penn and Teller" along with his Sabrina co-star Teller (who portrayed Skippy). A famous long running magic act.
  • The character Drell played a big part in the first Sabrina PC game 'Spellbound'. Penn Jillette voiced his character for the game.
  • In the series, Drell takes the place of Enchantra, from the comics, as head of the Witches' Council.