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Vital statistics
Species Witch
Physical description
Gender Female
Further info
First appearance Dream a Little Dreama Me
Last appearance The Four Faces of Sabrina
Portrayed by: China Shavers
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Dreama is a witch who moved to the mortal realm at the age of 18 to attend Westbridge High and be mentored by Sabrina so that she could get her Witch's License. Dreama is very clumsy with her magic in general and is very inexperienced in witchcraft as she had neglected her magic as a child. Dreama has a witch familiar called Juliette Jingleheimer. In season four she is Sabrina's new best friend and apprentice.


In the beginning of the fourth season, Dreama's family moved her to the mortal realm and she is enrolled at Sabrina's high school. Sabrina initially thinks she is simply a clumsy and absent minded new student, but she soon learns that it is her responsibility to mentor Dreama in the proper use of magic or risk losing her newly acquired Witch's License. Dreama was raised in the the Other Realm, so she often uses magic without thinking, lacks training, and creates disastrous, and accidental, results, which Sabrina must then try to reverse. Dreama accidentally uses magic in front of the witch hunter Brad Alcerro when she is afflicted with Spring Fever. Brad says "I swear Dreama, sometimes I think you're a witch!" and Dreama instantly transforms into a mouse. After Sabrina and her aunts figure out how to change her back, they remove Brad's witch-hunting gene and Dreama reverts back to her normal form.

Dreama is last seen at the senior prom, knocking on the bathroom door to check on Sabrina. She sees that Sabrina has been split into four different versions of herself and after they dismiss her, she walks away confused commenting "Interesting spell." She is never seen again after this, presumably having returned to the Other Realm, with her family.


Dreama casting a spell on Sabrina

Dreama pulls on her earlobe whenever she wishes to do a spell. Her magic causes things to glow with a yellow light and expand as the spell is taking effect.


  • Dreama is the only character ever listed, as a starring role, who was never given a surname.
  • Dreama is the only witch (other than Sabrina) to attend Westbridge High School.
  • Dreama doing magic, by pulling on her earlobe, is a reference to the way that Sabrina performed her magic in the original 1960's cartoon.
  • Despite her important story arc, as started at the beginning of Season 4, we never officially learn if Sabrina was successful in helping her to gain her Witch's License. Though, as Sabrina was not punished in any way, between Season 4 and 5, we can assume this was the case.
  • Dreama is similar to Gwen, as they are both clumsy, and friendly, witches.
  • She is Sabrina's new best friend, replacing Valerie Birkhead, in season 4. She is also Sabrina's student.
  • Sabrina is a mentor and not a quizmaster. Quizmasters get paid. Unlike Sabrina's Quizmaster, she doesn't make it difficult, as she is more of a friend, than an authority figure.
  • She is similar to Chloe, from the animated series, only with magical powers, instead of being mortal.