Dragons are mystical creatures that are mainly used for food or thier skin in The Other Realm, which are breifly mentioned in the series. They are commnly covered with green or red scales and can breathe fire. They have a tail and sharp claws. Thier skin can also be used to cover a pen.


Sabrina at Derek's house eating brazed dragon

In "Some of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortals," Sabrina and Derek Axelrod's family are seen eating brazed dragon, while she shares that it's scales get stuck in her teeth.


Hilda holding a dragon skin pen at Potions, Lotion and Notions


In "I Fall to Pieces ," Hilda impulsively buys a dragon skin pen at Potions, Lotions and Notions.      


Sabrina breathing fire

In "You Slay Me ," Sabrina turns into dragon when Cinderella tells her to be more assertive about her "fairy tale wedding," and slowly gains the ability to breathe fire and have super strength.

Sabrina showing Cinderella her dragon legs.


Sabrina realising she's a dragon.