Aunt Dorma

Dorma Spellman is the black sheep of the Spellman Family. While "the black sheep" of a family is usually known as the odd or disreputable member, Dorma is actually a black sheep.


During Dorma's 10 year nap, her great niece Sabrina calls her on the crystal ball and wakes up her up, lighting her short fuse. Dorma gets so angry that she fills Sabrina's house completely with poppies which cause members of the Spellman family to fall into a deep sleep.
After Sabrina is able to clean the poppies with snow, Dorma visits to apologize for the trouble she caused and to thank Sabrina for waking her because she left her oven on and her house would have caught on fire. She apologizes by giving Sabrina and her aunts a life time supply of mittens and also gives Sabrina a clue to the family secret which is a flock of birds.


  • It is unknown as to whether Dorma is actually a sheep, or whether, like other witches, she can change her appearance and chooses to be a sheep.
  • It is also unknown as to where Dorma fits in the Spellman family tree, but since Hilda and Zelda call her Aunt Dorma, she is possibly the sister of one of their parents.