Detention is a form of school punishment in which students are held after school for one hour, usually for violating the social or class norms within the high school setting. Higher offense punishments against rules set at the county level require out-of-school suspensions whereas students are taken out the school for limited periods of time. Through her enrollment at Westbridge High SchoolSabrina is assigned many detentions for perceived slights to his position and his tenure by Willard Kraft.

Sabrina, the Teenage Writer

  • For littering
  • Causing chaos at the school (3 weeks)

Dummy For Love

  • Filling Libby's locker with pies

Little Big Kraft

  • Smelling the vice principal
  • personal resentment

The Big Sleep

  • Causing trouble at the brain-buster team

The Wild, Wild Witch

  • Loitering
  • Littering