Sabrina & Derek
Derek Axelrod
is a witch who briefly dated Sabrina Spellman. Derek lives in the Mortal Realm and attends Boston College on a hockey scholarship.


Derek's father, an Other Realm dentist, sets Derek and Sabrina up with the help of his patient, Sabrina's aunt Zelda. Sabrina and Derek hit it off very well and their relationship begins to intensify until, when at dinner with Derek's parents, Sabrina discovers that his family harbors very anti-mortal sentiments which upsets her as she is half-mortal. Derek tells Sabrina that he has inherited none of his parents' opinions on mortals, but later at an Other Realm restaurant, Sabrina's aunts disguise themselves and make Derek reveal that he too is slightly prejudice against mortals, causing Sabrina to break up with him.

The following year, Derek visits Sabrina at her job to rekindle their romance. He tells her that he no longer tells anti-mortal jokes and shows her his latest painting which Sabrina fawns over. In the heat of the moment, Derek kisses her, but Sabrina tells him that she is currently in a relationship with Josh Blackhart.


Season Five

Some of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortals

Season Six

Sabrina and the Kiss

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