Deliver Us from E-Mail is the tenth episode of the sixth season and the 129th overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Sabrina gets a chance to get a column in the paper when Mike offers her a chance to share her ideas in a meeting with the editors. However, she sends an angry email to a person on the internet called NastyGirl who keeps sending her rude jokes and as it turns out, Nasty Girl is actually her evil twin Katrina. Katrina gets furious and sends Sabrina an airhead virus that drains her of her intelligence and turns her into a dumb bimbo, blowing her chances at getting a column when she shows up for the meeting in a skimpy outfit and acting like an idiotic ditz. After Harvey notices Sabrina's change in behavior, he takes her to her aunts to get their help. Zelda questions Katrina and discovers that if the effects of the spell aren't reversed within 24 hours, Sabrina will remain a dumb bimbo forever.

As a side-story, Zelda tries to help Hilda kick her knitting addiction.

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  • This is the third and final appearance of Katrina and second and final appearance of Jezebelda.