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Dashiell Calzone is a half-mortal witch who had a brief relationship with Sabrina Spellman.


Dashiell lives in Revere, Massachussets with his parents and sister, Lillian.

Sabrina met Dashiell when they were both charged with doing community service in the Other Realm. Deciding to take the easy route, the two decide to work in the Rumor Mill for Dash's uncle, Bobby Calzone, making up rumors about their friends and family in the Mortal Realm. Unfortunately, all of the rumors come true, and Dash teams up with Sabrina to take his uncle down.

Dashiell and Sabrina then start dating but trouble comes when Sabrina's mortal ex-boyfriend, Harvey asks her to go steady again. Dashiell and Harvey compete for Sabrina's affections and decide to give her an ultimatum; either she chooses one or she doesn't get either.

Sabrina casts a "Follow Your Heart" spell which causes the two to literally fight for her love. Ultimately, the spell determines that Harvey is the one she really wants to be with. Dash realizes what spell it was and gives up like a gentlemen, deciding to remain friends with Sabrina.




  • Possible Goof: Dashiell is half-mortal and yet mentions that he lives with both of his parents. Why wouldn't he be separated from his mortal parents, ala Sabrina?
    • It could be that his witch parent was remarried and he considers his step-parent his family.
      • It's only divorced parents that cannot see their children, like Diana is. Still married mortals and witches can see their children.
  • Donald Faison is one of the few actors on Sabrina to have also starred in the show Clueless on which Melissa Joan Hart appeared as Sabrina in a crossover moment.
  • Dashiell and Sabrina's relationship was the only relationship Sabrina had with a witch that didn't end on bad terms. Sabrina's other witch dates had issues with the mortal realm in one way or another, which obviously wasn't an issue with Dashiell.
  • Donald Faison also appeared in Season 1 Episode 8 of Sabrina The Magic Joel as a student at Sabrina's high school named Justin who also auditioned to be Joel's assistant.