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Dante's Inferno is the 4th episode of Season 2 on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Forced to date others, Sabrina and Harvey try to ease the pain by double-dating, but Sabrina's date, Dante, is a witch who has never been in the mortal realm before and has a very bad attitude about it, with unfortunate consequences for Harvey and his date, Jean.

Meanwhile, Hilda copes with a bizarre illness, punnitis, that causes everything she says to be taken literally and come true which causes Davy Jones of the Monkees to become a house guest.



Special Guest Star

  • Davy Jones as Himself

Guest Starring

  • Jason James Richter as Dante
  • Sarah Lancaster as Aubrey


  • Roger Eschbacher as Steve
  • Fritz Sperberg as Larry
  • Jonathan Palmer as Jerry
  • Jon Valdetero as Ron


Witch Yenta: I have to go. I have to meet someone...

Zelda: Your old boyfriend?

Witch Yenta: No, my therapist

Hilda: She seems so happy. Oh, remember how we used to stay up Friday nights telling each other about our dates?

Zelda: We haven’t done that in ages.

Hilda: I know. We haven’t done that in ages because we haven’t had dates in ages.

Zelda: Oh well, at least we have each other. Oh my heavens! I’m living with my sister! I've gotta call that yenta!

Hilda: I remember the first time a boy gave me a star... Next thing I knew three wise men were at the door.

[From the opening credits]
Sabrina: I can can-can. Can you? (performs the can-can)

Magic Notes

Uses of Magic

  • Hilda conjures up an eye screaming in the freezer.
  • Hilda conjures a Monkee on her back.
  • Hilda sends Sabrina to a field hockey game.
  • Hilda gives Salem Zelda's tongue and then returns it.
  • A burger appears in Sabrina's and Dante's mouths, shakes in their hands, and fries rain down upon them.
  • Dante conjures up a ham smoker.
  • Zelda conjures a clothes peg on Hilda's nose.
  • Hilda turns Zelda into a dictator.
  • Sabrina conjures hamburgers into Hilda's and Zelda's mouths.
  • Sabrina summons a Monkee.
  • Dante trips Harvey.
  • Dante conjures bowling shoes on Sabrina's feet.
  • Dante makes his bowling ball jump out of the gutter and Harvey's shatter.
  • Hilda turns Ron into a deer.
  • Dante conjures a third arm.
  • Sabrina pulls the baseball caps over Harvey's and Jean's heads.
  • Hilda sends herself to the bowling alley and then away.
  • Dante turns Harvey into a bowling pin and sends it to be with the other pins.
  • Sabrina stops Dante's ball.
  • Sabrina takes back Harvey's bowling pin.
  • Hilda gives Dante a bonehead.
  • Sabrina makes the phone ring.


To Summon the Witch Yenta

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)
Mortal boys we have a plenta,
For witch fellas we need a yenta.

Power Outage Spell

(Cast by Sabrina Spellman)
You haven't been nice
You haven't been cordial,
So for the next five minutes you're gonna be mortal.

To Release Harvey's Head From a Bowling Pin

(Cast by Zelda Spellman)
Rock and rubble
Thunder and wind
Release this poor schlub from his bowling pin


  • Libby, The Quizmaster, and Mr. Kraft do not appear in this episode.
  • Dante is the first of three witch boys that Sabrina dates over the course of the show.
  • Harvey's date was originally called Audrey but her name was changed to Jean shortly before filming so that Davy Jones would have a reason to sing his hit song, "Daydream Believer" which has the lyric "Cheer up, sleepy Jean..." The actress is still credited as Audrey in the closing credits.
  • Hilda's punitus spell illness involves several things she says including figures of speech, appearing in physical form. These include a screaming eye when Hilda tries to conjure up some ice cream; Davy Jones of the Monkees when Hilda feels like she has "a monkey on her back"; Zelda's tongue is removed and temporarily placed in Salem's possession when Hilda asks Zelda if a cat has got her tongue; and Dante ends up with a large bone in his head when called a bonehead.
  • This would be the first of many instances where a Spellman got an illness that is exclusive to witches.
  • The walk Davy Jones is teaching Hilda, Zelda and Sabrina at the end of the episode is an allusion to the opening credits of the TV show, The Monkees.
  • Evidently, the title alludes to the work Inferno by Dante.
  • Davy Jones died on 29 February 2012.