Cupid is member of the Greek Gods, the son of the gods Hephaestus and Aphrodite, and a dispenser of love and relationships among witches and mortals. He can be summoned by witches and paid to make someone fall in love with a client - a matchmaker. He is often mocked for being a fully grown man who wears a diaper. Cupid usually uses his magical items to cast his love spell, makes someone fall in love with a specific person, or have them fall in love with the first person they see. He can also create temporary infatuations rather than permanent love if he so chooses. Cupid also has cherubs, who take on some of his work load when he's busy, most notably on Valentines Day (Roland was revealed to have become one of Cupid's cherubs in Season Four). Cupid's prices often go up, charging a higher price almost every time he is summoned.

Magical Item

The common item that Cupid usually uses are the Magical Bow with the Magical Arrows, which makes person who gets hit of the arrow falls in love with a specific person, or the first person they see after the spell casted. This item can also fire at the letter and display picture of the secret admirer who sent that letter.

Cupid also has the Magical Peashooter with has the same effects like the Bow above.


Every time witches need to summon a Cupid, they have to cast the spell:

Love is beautiful,
Love is alive,
Send me Cupid for just 5.95!

Another version:

Love is beautiful,
It's never corrupt,
Send me the 6 dollar Cupid unless the rates have gone up!

Witch must pay for Cupid at least 5,95 for each magical arrow.


  • It's weird when the original Cupid doesn't have wings, but Roland - cherub for Cupid, has wings.