Cole Harper appears in Season Seven as one of Sabrina's co-workers at Scorch Magazine. He used to be in a rock band, which used to open for Green Day. Before Scorch, he also used to write for Rolling Stone magazine, which Sabrina used to read during her high school years. After Sabrina quit her job at Scorch Magazine, he is never seen, or heard from, again.


Due to his years of experience in the music and journalism businesses, Cole often comes off cocky. He is also self-centered and vain. He claims to like dating women with depth and substance, though is shown only to be with visibly attractive and dimwitted girls. At more than one time, though, he has been known to give Sabrina good advice, especially with her writing and career. At times, he and Sabrina would even clash. It is implied that he has a crush on her, particularly in one episode, where she 'magically' ended up looking like a cartoon bombshell.


  • Originally, many fans believed he would be Sabrina's new Season Seven love interest, after her breakup with Josh Blackhart. This eventually went to Aaron Jacobs.