Sabrina is not in the festive spirit

Christmas Amnesia is the eleventh episode of the third season and the sixty first overall episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


As Hilda and Zelda decorate the house for Christmas, they soon discover they are going to have the difficult task of getting Sabrina in the Christmas spirit. The spiritless Sabrina then gets invited to a holiday party in the Other Realm. However, the purpose of the party is to make fun of people who enjoy Christmas. While at the party, Sabrina accidentally deletes the holiday from the world's memory. In order to get Christmas back, Sabrina has to track down Father Christmas and request that he reinstate the holiday.



Guest starring

  • Mary Gross as Mrs. Quick
  • Josh Holland as Harrison
  • Kay E. Kuter as Father Christmas


Magic Notes

Uses of Magic


  • In the other realm Father Christmas and Santa Claus are two different people. As Santa Claus's name is Bob and was very different than Father Christmas.
  • This is a Christmas episode despite the fact that this season takes place in the same year as Season 2 which already had a Christmas episode.
  • This is the third Christmas episode in the show.
  • Melissa Joan Hart's voice is noticeably hoarse in this episode. She likely had a cold around production time.
  • This episode, Salem tells Sabrina that spells don't always affect witch familiars. In "And The Sabrina Goes To..." he is affected by her "Just Desserts" spell, and praises her.
    • Unless of course that doesn't count.
  • Fathers Christmas' grandchildren are named: Binky, Bunny, Boopsy, Winny, Minny, Mopsy and Fred.
  • Salem erased Bobunk.
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