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Vital statistics
Name Cassandra
Born Unknown
Species Witch
Occupation Member of the Witches' Council
Physical description
Gender Female
Relatives None known
Further info
First appearance Pilot
Last appearance Pilot
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Cassandra is character who appeared in the pilot of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, she was played by actress and entertainer Deborah Harry.


Cassandra is a witch presiding in the The Other Realm and a member of the original Witches' Council. She often acts as the voice of reason; contrasting with Drell's impulsive nature and short temper. Cassandra was one of the Council members who listened to Sabrina's request to turn back time after her first day of high school. Presumably, Cassandra was "put out to pasture" along with the rest of the original Witches' Council when younger witches took over.


  • Debbie Harry is best known for her rock band "Blondie". Sabrina would later sing one of her best known hits, "One Way or Another," in Season 2's The Band Episode.
  • Cassandra only appears in the Pilot.