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Annabelle Saberhagen
Vital statistics
Species Witch
Physical description
Gender Female
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Portrayed by: Victoria Jackson
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Annabelle Saberhagen is a witch and the daughter of Salem. It is unknown who Annabelle's mother is.


Due to Salem trying to take over the world, he was not around for Annabelle during her childhood, forming a rift between the two. The rift widened when Salem was sentenced to be a cat for 100 years as punishment, not even bothering to tell Annabelle, out of shame.

When an announcement was made that Annabelle was getting married to witch named Larid Prescott, Sabrina Spellman went to see Annabelle, and helped mend the rift between her and her father, and Salem performed all duties of father of the bride that he could in his furry state. Sabrina agreed to be Annabelle's maid of honour, but she soon discovered that an Other Realm wedding has strange traditions; the groom wears a suit of armour, the maid of honour wears cowboy boots and a Napoleon-style hat, has to carry a sapling down the aisle, blow up a balloon, and the father of the bride must wrestle the father of the groom for the permission of allowing his son to marry the bride. Because Salem was a cat, and in his own words "Protected by the humane society", Sabrina had to take on the father of the groom Xavier "The Avenger" Prescott. Thanks to interference by Salem, Sabrina pinned Prescott after a roll-up. Next, the bride and groom had to exchange ring fingers, and Sabrina had to kiss the bride. Annabelle was never seen again.

Sabrina notes that Annabelle had inherited Salem's "cry".