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Amanda Wiccan
Vital statistics
Species Witch
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Relatives Marigold Wiccan (mother)
•Harold (father)
Ally Wiccan (younger sister)
Zelda Spellman (first cousin, once removed)
Hilda Spellman (first cousin, once removed)
Sabrina Spellman (second cousin)
Further info
First appearance A Halloween Story
Last appearance Soul Mates
Portrayed by: Emily Hart
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Amanda Wiccan is the bratty younger cousin of Sabrina Spellman. Amanda was a formidable rival to her older cousin as her spoiled ways often put Sabrina or her friends in turmoil. However, as Amanda grew, she matured and became close with Sabrina.


Sabrina first meets Amanda at the Spellman family Halloween dinner in 1996. Sabrina is put off by Amanda's bratiness and when she refuses to play with her, the little witchling traps Sabrina inside of a small glass jar, though she is shortly released.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 6.18.11 pm.png

Amanda in season two, with her toy chest.

The next year, Sabrina accepts 100 dollars from Amanda's mother, Marigold, in exchange for babysitting Amanda. Though warned by her aunts about babysitting a full witch, Sabrina does so anyway though her magic is no match for Amanda's and she's turned into a doll and placed inside her toy chest. In Amanda's toy chest, Sabrina teams up with other people in Amanda's life that she transformed into toys in order to escape.

The next time Amanda visits Sabrina and her aunts is with her mom and her little sister, Ally. The two little Wiccans are not happy when Marigold begins falling for a mortal plumber. The two use magic to chase him away but their plans fail when he finds out that they're witches. In the heat of the moment, he incidentally betrays Marigold by telling his brother their secret, and because he did so, Marigold had 12 hours to turn him to stone or else she and her daughters would be stripped of their magic and cast out. However, she refused, reconciled with the plumber, and she and her daughters began to (haphazardly) adjust to living as mortals with his family.

Amanda in season four

However, the following year, Amanda, having regained her magic, comes to visit Sabrina, claiming to have grown up to be a mature teenage witch like her. Unbeknownst to Sabrina, Amanda has a crush on her boyfriend, Harvey and plans to steal him away from her. Amanda convinces Sabrina that she has a crush on her co-worker Josh and casts a spell on him, turning him into a cad in order to distract her while she takes Harvey to Cloud 9. Sabrina discovers Amanda's plan and goes to Cloud 9 to get Harvey back and she and Amanda fight over him which leads to him falling off of the cloud. Though Sabrina is able to take him back to her house, Amanda comes looking for him in a fury. Sabrina then decides to speed up the maturation process for Amanda though it fails. Ultimately, Amanda decides to embrace being a kid until she's ready to grow up and goes back home.

When Marigold remarries, she decides to send Amanda to live with Hilda and

Amanda was not happy about being shipped of to Witchright at first.

Zelda in the Mortal Realm. Not wanting to deal with her, the aunts pawn her off to Sabrina. Sabrina then learns of a school for delinquent witches called "Witchright Hall" and tries to get Amanda accepted for admission. However, the headmaster deems Amanda too nice to become a student which greatly upsets Amanda as she finally felt at home at Witchright. The headmaster is eventually convinced to accept Amanda and she joins the student body.

The following year, during examination week, Amanda mails herself to Hilda and Zelda to get their help with passing her Witch's License tests. Hilda and Zelda find it difficult to get through to Amanda through their old school teachings so they use hip hop to teach her, making her prepared for exams.

Amanda visits Sabrina after she moves into the aunts' house when they move back to the Other Realm, zapping herself in with huge puffs of smoke instead of her regular magic. She becomes worried for Sabrina's life when her cousin believes that a mobster is planning to kill her. Sabrina's worries worsen when everytime she sees the future, she sees her funeral, so she asks Amanda to spend the night. The next day, Amanda is ready to "witch slap" him but Sabrina has already solved the problem. When they look into the future, they see Sabrina's funeral once again, where it is explained that Sabrina died from second-hand smoke, Amanda immediately apologizing for her new magic and promising to not use the smoke again.

Amanda plays an important role on Sabrina's wedding day, on which she's a bridesmaid. When Sabrina expresses cold feet after finding out that her soul stone doesn't fit with the soul stone of her fiancee, Aaron, Amanda decides to help her get over it. Amanda zaps herself to Harvey and leaves him his soul stone and advises him to go get Sabrina back at the wedding. In the end, it is revealed that Sabrina and Harvey's soul stones fit perfectly and the couple rides off together, with Amanda watching on with the rest of Sabrina's family and friends stating "it's about time."

Powers and Abilities


  • Witchcraft: Amanda has the typical powers and abilities of a witch. As a witch, her magical abilities often manifested as a stream of magical particles (similar to Sabrina's golden-red magical sparkles) whenever she would transfigure an object or being, conjure an object or teleport herself from one place to another. Amanda's magic is rather unique however, in that rather than having one color, her sparkles will change color as they swirl around. As she grows older, this changes slightly and is accompanied by a ball of orange light. In Bada-Ping!, Amanda uses magic with a smoke form (similar to Hilda's), showing us for the first time that witches can change the way their magic looks if they want to. When she returns in the finale, she reverts back to her multicolored sparkles; but rather than changing color as they move, the different colored sparkles are all mixed together.
  • Supernatural Longevity: Like all witches, Amanda is supernaturally long-lived.


Over the course of the show's seven seasons, Amanda Wiccan appeared in eight episodes:

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Sabrina, the Matchmaker

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven


  • Amanda is played by Emily Hart, Melissa Joan Hart's real-life sister.
  • Amanda is the only exclusively recurring character to appear in all seven seasons.
  • Amanda is based on Sabrina's bratty cousin Esmerelda from the original Sabrina comic books. She is the last TV character to be taken from the comics.
  • Emily Hart also voiced Sabrina in the popular cartoon adaptation, Sabrina: the Animated Series. She was joined by her older sister, who played both the aunts.
  • The episode "Witchright Hall" was intended to be a backdoor pilot for a spinoff featuring Amanda as the main character. Unfortunately, the show was dropped in favor of another series. Previously, the Season 3 episode "Sabrina, the Matchmaker" was a backdoor pilot for a spin-off called "Spells Trouble" which was supposed to feature Amanda, her mom and her sister adjusting to life in the Mortal Realm.
  • It is never revealed how Amanda got her magic back in Season Four's "She's Baaack!" when in the previous season she and her family were stripped of their magic when Marigold was discovered and betrayed. It is possible that she remained mortal until she turned sixteen, gaining her magical abilities much like Sabrina did.
  • Amanda is the main antagonist of the second Sabrina video game, Brat Attack. Emily Hart voiced her character in the game, along with Melissa Joan Hart and Nick Bakay. The game is set around the time of the show's third season.
  • Amanda's surname "Wiccan" is based on Wicca, a form of paganism from which the religion of Witchcraft originated. It is spelled "Wicken" on the wedding card for Sabrina and Aaron's wedding.
  • Her character was similar to Elsie Soaperstein in the episode "Babysitting" in "Clarissa Explains it All."